Communicating Results

The GenX Exposure Study is a research project. We generate data to help answer community questions about PFAS. Because we are doing research, we do not know what we will find. Some of these chemicals are newly identified, so the methods to test for them are not routine and take time to get accurate results.

We try to share results with study participants and communities in a timely fashion. We take our time to ensure that the results we share are the most accurate we have at the time. Explore our collection of materials including Newsletters, Report Back Letters, Community Meeting slides and recordings, and Scientific Papers.

Please remember that our data are still under revision and are not intended for publication or citation.


Every few months, we send newsletters to our study participants and share them here. The newsletters include study updates and information about different PFAS topics. These are available in both English and Spanish.

Want to see a certain topic addressed in our newsletter? Email us with your idea!

Newsletters being folded and packed into envelopes.


  • Issue 1 (December 2019)
    • Nafion byproduct 2; PFAS Resources
  • Issue 2 (May 2020)
    • Fayetteville Water Results Summary; Water Remediation Paper Highlight
  • Issue 3 (October 2020)
    • Study Publishes Blood Paper; Meet the Team
  • Issue 4 (March 2021)
    • What we know about PFAS health effects so far – Cholesterol
  • Issue 5 (December 2021)
    • New information on how long GenX lasts in the body; COVID-19 and PFAS
  • Issue 6 (June 2022)
    • More information on the collection, analysis, and reporting processes of blood sample data


  • Edición 1 (Diciembre 2019)
    • Derivado 2 de Nafion; PFAS recursos
  • Edición 2 (Mayo 2020)
    • El resumen de los resultados del agua en Fayetville; lo más destacado del artículo del remedio del agua
  • Edición 3 (Octubre 2020)
    • El estudio publica un artículo de sangre; conozca al equipo
  • Edición 4 (Marzo 2021)
    • Lo que sabemos hasta ahora sobre los efectos en la salud de PFAS – Colesterol
  • Edición 5 (Diciembre 2021)
    • Nueva información sobre cuánto tiempo dura GenX en el cuerpo; COVID-19 y PFAS

Report Back Letters

We share initial results with our participants first. These report back letters are examples of what we send to participants when their results are available. Each letter includes information about the study as well as a personalized analysis of the different chemicals that were tested.

Community Meetings

After sharing individual letters, we try to hold meetings in the communities we are working to discuss our findings more broadly and answer questions.

Scientific Papers

Our team continues to work on writing papers to share our results with the scientific community and contribute to the growing knowledge about PFAS.