Study Details

The GenX Exposure Study was a result of community concerns about GenX in 2017. The study was designed to answer three questions:

  • Is GenX inside my body, and if so, how much is there?
  • What predicts GenX?
  • Are there health effects to GenX?

The study quickly expanded to include a wide range of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances).


  • Residents of Wilmington on the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority water
  • Residents near the chemical plant in Fayetteville whose wells were previously tested for GenX

What We Did

  • Collected water samples and tested for PFAS
    • Wilmington: tap water
    • Fayetteville: tap and well water
  • Collected blood and urine samples
    • Clinical measures included:
      • Lipids
      • Thyroid
      • Metabolic panel
    • Tested for PFAS
    • Repeated testing in Wilmington
  • Additional components in Fayetteville:
    • House dust
    • Wristbands

Where We Are Now

What’s Next

  • Report results to Fayetteville
    • Water
    • Blood
  • Develop method to analyze urine samples
  • Continue to update study participants as we have new results
  • Analysis of PFAS and clinical values