Communicating Results

Communicating Results

“We want to know what you know, when you know it, even if you don’t know what it means.”

As we continue to collect and process our data, it’s important to our study that we are transparent with the public, and first and foremost, our study population. To keep our study participants in the know, we periodically release Newsletters, Report Back Letters, and hold open meetings for communities of interest.

Please see below for all related content and visit our findings page for a review of what our study has discovered so far and what our current goals are with the study.


Every few months, we send newsletters to our study participants and share them here. The newsletters include study updates and information about different PFAS topics. These are available in both English and Spanish.

Report Back Letters

We share initial results with our participants first. These report-back letters are examples of what we send to participants when their results are available. Each letter includes information about the study as well as a personalized analysis of the different chemicals that were tested. These report back letters contain individual PFAS results for blood and water.

Community Meetings

After sharing individual letters, we try to hold meetings in the communities we are working to discuss our findings more broadly and answer questions.

Scientific Papers

Our team continues to work on writing papers to share our results with the scientific community and contribute to the growing knowledge about PFAS.