Our People

Meet Our Team

The GenX Exposure Study is made up of researchers, staff, students, Community Science Advisory Boards, local organizations, and study participants who are all working together to understand PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) exposure in communities along the Cape Fear River Basin, North Carolina.

Principal Investigator

Jane Hoppin, Professor, NC State

Our Researchers

We’re fortunate to work with researchers from across the state of North Carolina. Meet the people who lend their expertise to ensure the study’s success.

Our Team Members

Our team is comprised of staff, students, and volunteers who help with everything from clinical events to data analysis. Meet the people who work together to keep the study running and participants updated on our work.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Our undergraduate research assistants help with the study, learn about the research process, and learn valuable lessons along the way. Interested in getting involved? Contact Dr. Hoppin!

Divia Batish, NC State

Anna Luking, NC State

Payton Moore, NC State

Our Partners

Community Science Advisory Boards are comprised of community leaders and local health officials who provide their insights and expertise with us. These perspectives help us report our findings as clearly as possible to our study participants

Universities and researchers provide their expertise and assistance with data collection and analysis.

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County Health Departments continue to house our clinical events and keep us updated on the latest health information in the state.

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Local Communication Organizations are vital to helping us spread information about the study, as well as helping us understand community concerns.

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Team Alumni

Caitlin Cassidy

Michael Bondurant

Sarah Taylor

Charlie Reed

Morgan Lennon

Gavin Mouat

Christina Nutt

Alison Plumley

Claire Critchley

Caroline Foy

Annie Haunton

Naila Segule

Pooja Patel

Adrien Wilkie